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Custom High Performance Manual & Automatic Transmissions For Custom Car & Truck Applications.

With a complete line of transmissions and torque converters to choose from, Velocity Customs can custom tailor the right drivetrain components for your custom car or truck project. We also have a complete line of parts and accessories available to replace, modify or complete your custom drivetrain.

Velocity Customs features transmissions & components from leading manufacturers including: Logo
Street/Strip or Heavy Duty
This is the entry level transmission for the performance enthusiast. By strengthening internal components and adding throttle responsive shift kits, our Street/Strip transmissions offer superior performance over OEM design.

TH 350
Street / Strip : These transmissions include a machined direct clutch pack for extra clutches and greater strength. Also included is a hardened intermediate sprag race and shift kit. This transmission ideal for street rods and weekend racers.

Full Competition
A race oriented line of 350's. These forward or reverse pattern full manual transmissions give you complete control. We also offer options of a trans-brake, a variety of low gear sets, an extreme duty direct drum with 36-element intermediate sprag, and a needle bearing and lightweight kit.

TH 400
Street / Strip : These manual/automatic transmission include a 34-element sprag as well as extra clutches and shift kit. Available in Heavy duty form as well for towing, these transmissions are ideal for heavier cars and higher horsepower. Full Competition
This line of 400's are available with either a forward or reverse pattern valve body to give you full control. With a standard rear bearing, low gear sets and lightweight options available, these 400's offer top performance for your race car. With a trans-brake also available, these full manual 400's can suit a wide variety of needs.

Street / Strip : These completely blueprinted transmissions are made for the Ford street enthusiast. With extra cluthes added and clearanced and reprogrammed valve body these transmission retain all automatic functions while being able to manually control if desired. In these applications, full kickdown linkage is required for the transmission to work properly.

Full Competition
Available in reverse pattern, these transmissions give you full manual control. With options available such as a roller bearing assembly, lightweight parts, and a trans-brake available as well as a variety of gear sets.

Ford C4 and C6 Torqueflight
Street / Strip - These torque-flite transmissions have a crisp shift but maintain full street capabilities. With cluches added to high gear, improved ratio arm for intermediate apply, and throttle responsive shift kit to gain maximum performance from your street rod. In these applications, full kickdown linkage is required for the transmission to work properly.

Full Competition
These transmissions give you full control with the tightest two-three shift around. With options available such as a bolt-in sprag, trans-brake, wide gear ratios, and complete roller assemblies we can assemble a torque-flite to fit any need.

Transmission Options

• 4L80 / 4L60
• 700R4
• TH400 / TH350 / TH200
• T55 / T66
• Turbo Trans
• Borg Warner
• General Motors
• Ford

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