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Stage 1 Jeep LS3 V8 Conversion

With over 20 years of experience we have the right powertrain solutions to meet your high performance needs.

LS3 Billet Accessory Drive Kit

1a)AC Compressor Adaptor{LS3&Gen-IV} [07-11] OR
1b)AC Compressor Adaptor{LS3&Gen-IV} [12-present]
2)AC Comp. Billet Bracket[front]-1/2
3)AC Comp. Billet Bracket[rear]-2/2
4)AC Comp. Rear Inn. Bracket-1/2
5)AC Comp. Rear Outer Bracket-2/2
6)Alternator Billet Bracket
7)Power Steering Billet Bracket
8)Idler Pulley [Smooth]
9)Idler Pulley [Grooved]

-LS3 Power Steering Billet Bracket HW

2x 10x50mm Flanged Hex Bolt
3x 8x20mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 10x70mm Hex Bolt
1x 10x80mm Hex
2x 10mm Flanged Nylock Nut
2x 10mm Flat washer

-LS3 Alternator Billet Bracket HW

2x 10x140mm Hex Bolt
1x 10mm Flat washer
2x 10mm Flanged Nylock Nut
2x 10x120mm Counter Sunk Bolt
1x 10x50mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 10x40mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 4.200in Alternator Bushing
1x 2.320in Alternator Bushing
1x 0.380in Alternator Bushing
1x 0.200in Alternator Bushing (No Step)

-AC Compressor Adaptor HW

1x O-Ring (MT1215)
1x O-Ring (MT0331)

-AC Compressor Bracket HW

2x 10x35mm Cap Head Bolt
2x 8x60mm Cap Head Bolt
1x 10x60mm Cap Head Bolt
1x 8x25mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 10x25mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 8mm Lock washer
1x 10mm Lock washer

Accelerator Pedal Kit

2)Pedal Wedge
3)Accel. Pedal Bracket
-Accelerator Pedal Bracket HW
2x 6x20mm Flanged Hex Bolt
2x 6mm Flanged Nylock Nuts

Motor Mount Kit

1)Motor Mount Driver Upper
2)Motor Mount Passenger Upper
3)Motor Mount Driver Lower
4)Motor Mount Passenger Lower
5)Motor Mount Leveling Shims {x3}
6)Motor Mount Isolators {x2}
7)Motor Mount Bracer(Driver Side)
-Motor Mount HW
9x 10x25mm Flanged Hex Bolt
4x 12x30mm Flanged Hex Bolt
8x 12mm Flanged Hex Nut
1x Flanged Hex Nut

Evap. Cannister Relocation Bracket Kit

1)Evap Cannister Relocation Bracket
Evap Relocate Bracket HW
2x 10x30mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 10x80mm Hex Bolt
3x 10mm Flanged Nylock Nuts
1x 10mm Flat washer

LS3 & Gen IV Coolant Bottle Kit

1)Coolant Bottle
2)Coolant Bottle Bracket
-Coolant Bottle Bracket HW
2x 10x25mm Flanged Bolt

Computer Bracket Kit

1)ECM for LS3/Gen IV
2)PDC Cover


4x #10-32 ¾ Pan Head Phillips Bolt
4x #10-32 Nylock Nuts

Air Intake Kit
1)Air Filter Bracket[Long]-1/2
2)Air Filter Bracket[Short]-2/2
3)Air Intake Silicon 90 {4”to 3.5”}
4)Air Intake Clamp 4”
5)Air Intake Clamp 3.5”
6)Air Intake Tube
7)MAF Sensor

-LS3 Air Filter Bracket HW
1x 6x16mm Flanged Hex Bolt
2x 6mm Nylock Nut
1x 8x25mm Flanged Hex Bolt

-MAF Sensor HW
2x MAF Sensor Mounting Screw

Drivetrain Kit

1a)Shift Lever{shorten ‘07-‘11}
1b)Shift Lever{stock 2012}
1c)Shift Lever{lengthen ‘13-present}
2a)Shift Cable Bracket 241J{8L90} [Straight] OR
2b)Shift Cable Bracket 241J{6L80}[Bent] OR
2c)Shift Cable Bracket{ATLAS}[Half Piece]
3)T-Case Shift Cable Bracket
4)Input Gear
5a)T-Case Adaptor{6L80}
5b)T-Case Adaptor Spacer{8L90}
6)Trans Cooler Drop Bracket
7)Transmission Plate
8)Transmission Rubber Anchor
-Transmission Plate HW
2x 10x30mm Flanged Hex Bolt
2x 10mm Flanged Hex Nut
2x 7/16 x 2 1/2in Hex Bolt
2x 7/16 washers wide
2x 1.000in Transmission Bushings
2x 10mm Nylock Nut

-Trans Cooler Drop Bracket HW
1x 10x25mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 8x25mm Flanged Hex Bolt
1x 8mm Flanged Nylock Nut

-Shift Cable HW
2x 6x16mm Flanged Hex Bolt
2x 6mm Flanged Nylock Nut

Radiator Kit

1a)Radiator [LS3](Down Neck)
1b)Radiator [Gen IV](Up Neck)
1c)Radiator [Gen V](Down Neck)
2)Stant Cap 16psi
3)Seal Tabs

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